Don't aim for a higher salary if you speak "English Kubeta"

The Dalai Lama once said, "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." I'm sure everyone will agree. If someone is "giving" help yet along with it are not so good words, does that fall under the help category? Perhaps... probably... maybe...

A Filipino posted a job for our kababayans via Facebook. Good, right? But here's the catch, you'll have to look past the ad containing below the belt words or with degrading tone under it. If you can do it there's a chance you'll get the job.

The guy who posted the ad made mention that the salary was just 15k therefore, it's not for those who have higher education like master's degree or whatnot. He also encouraged applicants not to be choosy. "Others are aiming for a 20k salary yet they speak "ENGLISH KUBETA?," he added.

Facebook users didn't like what they saw. Minutes later, his post was flooded with comments. 

Yet he never backed down.

And the comments continued.

I believe the guy's real intention was to have a funny and catchy ad. However, it didn't go as planned. Things backfired.


It's nice to be surrounded with people who share the same interest and passion as you do. Blogging? That's correct. You start a conversation by asking couple of questions and, without much realizing, you earn friends. That exactly what happened on Sunday January 25, 2014 at Suan Sunandha Rajabaht University in Bangkok.  

The creative writing workshop conducted by Mr. Percy Roxas, editor-in-chief of LOOKEAST MAGAZINE, as well as Carl Heaton's (the guy behind Web Courses Bangkok) blogging tips on how to put a blog on top of Google, became a tool for me to get to know people who love to pen down their emotions either through a poem, blog post, and other stuff they find worth writing. Not only did I get the chance to meet these brilliant minds, I was also able to be friends with some of them, and left a promise that help in blogging will arrive come the time of asking. I am not an expert, but I know a bit more compared to others who are just starting to have their works be seen around the world. Naks!

Anyhow, I hope that there will be more workshops such as this. Honestly, I learned a lot from the speakers. I learned something from the other aspiring bloggers/writers as well. 

Thanks to Jezreel Llanera and to the people behind the workshop. Without you guys, this event wouldn't be made possible

PS: Although I don't categorize blogging under the "passion" level yet, I have a feeling I'll get there soon enough. Wink. 

Photos: Pinoy Thaiyo.

Applying and issuing visa in Savannakhet, Laos will no longer happen within a day

Visa application can be made either in Vientiane, Laos or in Savannakhet, Laos. Although I haven't applied in Savannakhet yet, people I know told me that you can get the passport back with the newly stamped visa on the same day if you apply there, as opposed to Vientiane which takes two days. 

However, that is not the case anymore. The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Savannakhet made an announcement for visa applications dated January 20, 2015. Starting on the 1st of February 2015 according to the announcement, visa applicants in Savannakhet will receive their passport back on the next day after applying. Pretty much like in Vientiane, right? 

Photo Credit: Ms. Amornrat Mattioli of www.thaivisaservice.com.

17 English teachers including a Filipino arrested for working illegally

A Filipino was included among the 17 teachers who were nabbed by police working illegally as English teachers in Chiang Mai. 

Seventeen foreigners of various nationalities were arrested at a condominium in Chiang Mai for working illegally as English language teachers.
The 17 teachers were arrested at their office located on the ground floor of the Riverside Condo building during a police raid this afternoon.
The teachers provided English language courses online to students in China. They were hired by BOI 360 Max Co, which was said to be operating illegally.
When authorities asked them to produce documents, 13 had no work permits. The arrested included two Germans, two Britons, four Americans, two Australians, a German, a Irishman, a Frenchman and a Dutchman.
The remaining four foreigners had work permits, but were still working illegally, authorities said. They included one Canadian man, who claimed to be the firm’s manager, as well as another American, an Australian national and a Filipino.
Ten notebook computers and the suspects’ passports were seized.  All foreigners were handed over to Mae Ping police station to face charges of working illegally, Bangkok Post reported.

Photo of my British Colleague made it to national TV

"There's no crocodile in the waters of Nan river," a Thai friend once told me. "Many people fish along its banks and there are a lot of floating restaurants especially the part close to the city," he added.

As someone who hailed from a province in the Philippines where several of its rivers are breeding grounds of crocodiles, I believed him. "This ain't the place for them (referring to Nan)," I thought.

But things suddenly changed when Mr. Simon Watts, my British colleague, posted two nights ago photos of a thing that appears to be a crocodile spotted near a floating restaurant. A few minutes later, likes and comments started flooding in. It was an instant hit!

The fame didn't end just yet. Reporters came to speak to Simon to record a short video. One of the photos made headlines and was featured both on Channel 3 and 7.

The thing looks very much like a croc and not a monitor lizard as others suggest. If someone could verify that this is a croc, I wouldn't be floating a krathong next time. The flickering lights from a distance may not just be the candles. They could also be the eyes of a carnivore.

Police Advice For Foreigners Being Stopped For A Search

There have been several reports of tourists in Bangkok being searched by police. According to those who experienced being stopped for a search by men in uniform, they feel their privacy have been violated. They feel that Thailand especially Bangkok is no longer safe for tourists and expats alike.

The target of police are mostly Caucasians whom they think posses drugs. These searches happened (and probably continues to happen) along Soi Nana in Sukhumvit Road.

Officers searched their belongings, their pockets, and asked them to urinate in a small container for drug testing purposes. 

Now see this... Police gave foreigners advice on what to do if they chance upon police who are conducting searches. 

(VIDEO) Former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva Visits Our Project

I arrived at Wat Sapansam School at about 8:30 in the morning and saw the security guard busy directing traffic. I noticed that those who arrived earlier opted to park their vehicles under the trees and pretended not to know that their cars were slightly blocking the way for other motorists on the other side. Did I park mine just like the rest? Guilty as charged here. 

When Mr. Abhisit and his team came, flashes of camera started to fill the entrance of the school. They had a meet and greet with the management team of AREA 1, management team of the school, and the people who found their way near near them. The only time the flickering lights dwindled was when the Democrat Team entered my class. 

The heads of the little ones started moving from left to right when more than 20 people suddenly filled the room. Their presence made some of my students smile. It was as if they knew it was their moment to shine - to show to the visitors what they know. However, others showed confusion. Um, perhaps more like nervousness. I worried that they would not like the idea of having too many people around, hence, they won't answer my questions. 

Once again the flickering flashes of camera came back; filling every corner of the room. I was stunned though, when my students automatically stood up and greeted Mr. Abhisit and his team. My students had them with just a simple "Good morning." 

Here's the video of what exactly happened during that day. My class was the first to be observed, then K2 with Ajarn Lloyd.

Dr. Warong said that Abhisit was impressed about the result of the pilot project. In just two months, the students listening and speaking skills improved. I think everyone present during the observation could attest to that. As teachers of this project, we are beaming with happiness in its highest degree.

Kids watching "Doraemon" whilst lying on Big C's shiny floor

If you think Big C Supermarket is only for shopping and dining, then you are misinformed :) Entertainment? Of course. Aside from Major Cineplex and the arcade center, there is also another place where you can actually relax... on the floor. 

My colleague at the university uploaded this photo on her Facebook account. Lying on the cold floor with legs crossed and oblivious of people passing was indeed awesome. Notice as well the one in stripes whose hands were behind his head. Can you top that?