Social-media search finds replacement for same-named girlfriend

Jordan Axani, 28, purchased tickets under his name and his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher. The three-week trip booked in May was supposed to be their chance to see together the rest of the world including Thailand. However the pair broke up, leaving Mr. Axani with plane tickets under Miss Gallagher's name.

So in November, Axani used the power of social media and posted on reddit that he's looking for someone with the same name as his ex-girlfriend and a valid Canadian passport.

Axani's move got worldwide attention and his story was featured on different websites. But among the thousands of responses he got, he picked the 23-year-old student and homeless shelter volunteer from Nova Scotia named Elizabeth "Quinn" Gallagher (right), after talking with her on the phone and becoming impressed with her social conscience.

"It's totally platonic," Mr Axani said from New York where the trip starts on Sunday. "Do I think we'll become friends? Sure."

As someone who worked in an international travel account, I know exactly how tedious it is to have a name change. Some airlines will allow depending on the rules of the ticket, of course, with fees involved. But there are also airlines who are tough on name changes. Either you use it or lose the value of it. But changing the name will never be an option.

Anyway, good luck to both of them. 

Bangkok cabbie returns cash to Russian passenger

Bangkok cabbie strikes again! Did I say that in a positive tone? If it sounded negatively, please accept my apology. 

Another honest cab driver made Thailand proud after he returned the 67,000 baht in cash on Wednesday to his Russian passenger.

Taxi driver Sukan Lalote returns cash from the wallet of his Russian passenger Kirill Burdikhin at the police-run FM91 radio station in Bangkok on Wednesday. (FM91 station photo) 

Kirill Burdikhin, 34, was reunited with his wallet when Sukan Lalote, 47, personally handed it to him at FM91 radio station run by police in Chatuchak district. 

The wallet contained personal papers identifying Mr Burdikhin and cash in baht, US and Canadian dollars, rubles and euros, worth altogether about 67,000 baht. 

Sukan said he knew how it feels to lose something as he was cheated by the owner of an old taxi who made him pay for its repair and then failed to sell it to him as promised. This very thing was enough for him to have the wallet returned.

Mr. Burdikhin was grateful for Mr. Sukan's honesty so just before they parted ways, he gave the honest driver a 5,000 baht reward.

According to the imdb.com movie website, Kirill Burdikhin is an actor and producer, known for The Weather Station (2010), Svyaz vremyon (2010) and Sem Ya (2012).

Source: Bangkok Post

LPG Car Explodes in Topland Parking Lot in Phitsanulok

The dangers of LPG was a topic me and my friend discussed a few days back. He advised me not to convert my car to LPG or propane because of the risk of exploding. As someone who doesn't know much about cars, I immediately believed him. And he was right! 

A car with an LPG gas system exploded yesterday at Topland Plaza shopping mall in Phitsanulok. The owner, together with his wife and daughter were inside the mall buying a tablet.

"I heard from people about the explosion of the car in the parking lot, said 40-year-old Suriya Buakaew. But I was shocked to see it was my 1- year-old car."

Suriya couldn't think of a reason why his car exploded. He said he parked it properly and turned off the engine.

Witnesses said the car exploded several times. Firefighters and rescue volunteers were deployed to control the situation.

No injuries were reported.

Horror Film "Tragic Theater's" was banned by MTRCB because of its too scary content

Horror movies are made to, well, scare moviegoers. That's the main purpose of the director, producer and others involved in a particular movie apart from ticket sales, of course.

If you're a moviegoer you'll be spending your money to something you are expecting to see. Is there a logic of watching a horror film so as to laugh, cry or do some action stunts whilst holding a fake gun an hour or two after watching it? That's laughably ridiculous!

But check this out...

MTRCB  was reportedly banned the trailer of the latest horror film "Tragic Theater" starring Andi Eigenmann, Christopher de Leon and John Estrada. The reason - Too scary!

The movie got an X-rating twice from MTRCB because of its content.

“Horror film ito kaya dapat scary, hindi ba? (This is horror film so it should be scary, isn't it?), said Tragic Theater director Tikoy Aguiluz.

The film was based G.M Coronel's novel about a group of spirit communicators who made an effort in 1999 to exorcise the ghosts of laborers who had been reportedly buried alive in the bowels of the Manila Film Center during its construction in 1981.

I wonder if they're also going to ban a comedy film because it's too funny...smirk.

Bangkok Taxis reject even '2PM' K-pop star

All of us experienced at some point in our lives be rejected by taxis roaming the streets of Bangkok. Although some may try to explain in their broken English as to why they can't let you in, others would simply move away without uttering anything.

I know you are pissed whenever this happens. But don't be upset or get angry. Before thinking of running amok, let me tell you something. Everyone even those rich and famous are subject to this mistreatment. I think we are all equal in the drivers eyes. LoL.

Did I say rich and famous? Yes, I did. On Saturday in front of Central World, Ok Taec-yeon, lead rapper of the Korean boy band 2PM, wasn't lucky enough. He may be used to be surrounded by excited and sometimes unruly girls, but that's not the case with the men behind the wheel of the colorful taxis in Bangkok. Need I tell more about the "equal" thing?

The Korean pop star was in Thailand for a 2PM show Friday and was shopping at Central World on a free day before heading back to Korea.

If he's a person with good memory who doesn't forget things easily even the small ones, he might remember that some fans in Bangkok helped him in finally getting a ride after being ignored by some.

Why no one offered him a ride? Yeah, I heard you. Well, perhaps the fans were just 14, and their dads simply said "NO."

Source: Bangkok Coconuts

Former Thai princess relinquishes status

I didn't see it coming this fast. Here's a report from the Bangkok Post.

His Majesty the King has allowed the wife of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn to relinquish her royal title, a statement announced. 

The statement, signed by His Majesty the King on Thursday, was carried in the Royal Gazette issued late Friday.

"The King has granted permission to announce that Princess Srirasmi, the wife of Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, has informed in a written document that she has resigned from her royal status," the statement said.

"Acknowledgement and permission has been granted by His Majesty the King," the statement added.

How To Renew Driver's License In Thailand

Both my car and my motorcycle license have been renewed yesterday. To my little disappointment, what I got were once again valid for a year.  I was under the impression that I'll be given a license valid for five years after the temporary ones expired. 

What happened to me was an exact opposite of my friend's experience though. He was given five years validity just in time before his temporary license expired; and he did it without much irritating inconvenience. 

I'm a little disappointed, I admit. But mine albeit 1 year, is absolutely better than having an expired license. More so, a revoked ones. I'm gonna be in big trouble if I chance upon a police who sometimes stop cars and motorbikes. If they stop me and search for my license and I don't have anything to show them -  I am so dead. LoL.

Anyway, enough of blabbing. If you are thinking of renewing you license, here are the things you need to prepare. I'm pretty sure they are all with you most of the time.

1. Passport (profile page and visa page)
2. Work Permit (profile page and WP's validity)
3. Medical certificate (you can get one at a hospital or clinic)
4. Old license

To avoid inconvenience, have your documents copied. Make at least two copies each. Hand them over to the person at the desk and tell him or her you want to renew your license. Once the documents are checked, you will have a physical exam. Don't fret. They're just going to test your color recognition of the traffic lights. Red, yellow and green - ring a bell? A few questions here and there, and voila! You'll be out of the room before you know it. Get the documents from the examiner, sign all of the copies, and hand them back to the person whom you first gave them to.

After which, wait for your name to be called as they need to take a photo of you. Once you're done staring at the camera, you will again be called to claim your license. Pretty fast, huh? It took me less than an hour and was driving back home. Did I say you have to pay 300 something baht for both car and bike? Yeah, you have to.

Philippine Azkals Suffered A Beating From Thailand War Elephants

Philippine Azkals lost to Thailand War Elephants in the second leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup semifinals in Bangkok on Wednesday; halting their wish in advancing to the finals. 

According from friends who were watching the game live, the Thais were able to make a goal in the 6th minute, and secured the spot after making another two goals in the second half of the game. 

The Rajamangala Stadium, home crowd of the War Elephants, was jam-packed at last night's event. The Thais showed an aggressive approach, cutting the Azkals short passes early in the game.

A goal was then made when Chanathip Songkrasin fired a shot from outside the box to pressure the Philippines, 1-0.

Khon Philippine boosting the morale of the Azkals. Photo by: Rj Protacio of PinoyThaiyo

The second goal came from Kroekrit Thaweekarn, who cuaght off guard the Azkals in the 56th minute of the game.

Phil Younghusband did his best in closing the gap, making couple of close calls in the 68th and the 78th minute. However, the odds were on Thais favor.

It made be believe that it was the Thais night after Martin Steuble was ejected; incurring his second yellow card following a collision with a Thai player, thus reducing the Azkals' number to 10.

Photo by: Rj Protacio of PinoyThaiyo

Then on the 86th minute, Thaweekarn escaped the clutches of his defenders to score a goal that gave Thailand an insurmountable 3-0 lead, paving a way for them to be included in the finals – the first team to do so at 2014 AFF Suzuki Cup Final.

Last week, Philippines and Thailand were on goalless draw during their semis game that took place in Manila.

Although I really regret that the Azkals weren’t able to make it to the finals, they did good still. I am hoping for their comeback next year. Well, the game could have ended into a 4-0 score hadn't Patrick Deyto deflected the shot made by Peerapat Notchaiya in the 39th.

Source: abs-cbn