Pilot Project Photos At Wat Sapanteesam School

Here are some of the photos taken during our visit at Wat Sapanteesam School in Phitsanulok for the pilot project in teaching kindergarten students next term. 
From left: The head of the village, yours truly, Dr. Warong, Ajarn Donapa the school director, advisers of K1 and K2, and Dr. Warong's secretary
Relaxing after the first meeting
Paying students a visit in the classroom
Dr. Warong talking to the kindergarten students

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Former Child Star Serena Dalrymple Receives Master's Degree in London

Time flies so fast for Serena Dalrymple who recently finished her master's degree in International Business at Hult International Business School in London. 

The former child star of the 90's and a talent of ABS-CBN, graduated at De La Salle College of St. Benilde in Manila with a business administration degree before she flew to USA to work. She moved to UK in August 2013 to take her Master’s Degree. 

“I realized that I still don't know what I want to do so I decided to take up masters hoping it'll help me figure things out," she said in an interview with ABS-CBN News last year.

"Last day in UK!! Thanks friends and classmates, it's been a good "yearcation"! :P #BackToReality #VacationIsOver #iNeedAJob," she said with a photo on her Instagram

Serena is currently in California where her sister is based and is now looking for job.

Having higher education puts her ahead of other actors and actresses her age during her time in the Philippines. Congratulations, Serena!

New Students and New School For the Pilot Project

Sigh! I know you guys are still upset if not angry to "Genaro" about his post calling Filipinos stupid. Why don't we set aside the anger and focus on the thing that matters most? After all, he already got the "fame" he's been dreaming to have, albeit with threats and swears. 

So, where do we start? Hmm, I received a call from Dr. Warong this morning as I was teaching for the last time the kindergartens at a temple school. To be clear, these students were part of my university's project with the 5 Tesaban schools, and not the pilot project Dr. Warong and I are planning to do. Ours will start on the 1st of November next term.


Anyway, the call was just to inform me that there was a change of venue. Just so you know about three weeks ago, we met the director of the temple school where we were supposed to test the project. The meeting was short and I noticed the happy faces of the top men of the school when we adjourned, making me believe that everything was set and we're good to go. 

Last week however, the director called Dr. Warong and he was told they were no longer going to participate in the said project, nullifying all we agreed upon. 


If you were to ask what grounds the director's sudden change of heart, I'll give you a hint. The temple school is under the municipality which happens to be run by the other party. I'm assuming whoever is running it didn't like the idea that the opposing party is going to conduct a project within his/her jurisdiction. So... oh wait, I'm not gonna continue. I'm pretty sure you already got my drift. 

A lot of things transpired without my knowledge, and I just learned all of those earlier today. Hirap i-digest.

After the short exchange of question, Dr. Warong arrived 10 minutes later and took me to the new school called Wat Sapanteesam School. There I met the director as well as the head of the village. The people there seemed to be more accommodating than the ones in the previous venue. However, something poses a problem in my opinion. If 15 to 18 students in the old school can be tiring, how much more the 29 students at Sapanteesam? 

Wish me luck, guys. At least the whole idea wasn't voided.

Filipino Teacher in Thailand Labeled Filipinos Stupid

It all started with an ad to the Facebook page "Filipinos in Thailand". But when people placed their interest by immediately inquiring in the comment section like the location of the school, the exact date of the interview, and if it's possible to conduct the interview on Saturday, the now infamous Genaro Dela Torre responded with a rather offensive label. Stupid Filipino!

Members of the page were enraged as to how he himself a Filipino, looks down on his countrymen like nobodies or people of no importance. Few seconds later, hate comments started flooding in.

Mackoy Sevilla said: waaaah stupid pa buh..nagtanong lang naman cla kung san sa bkk at anong school .. stupid filipino agad..ehh hindi kaya clear yung post mo. waaaaah

attention seeker! thats why we are being discriminated against here in thailand cz of some attitude problem, Jemross Erida said

Here are some screenshots:

And the comments continued....

To make the matter worst, this isn't the first time he called Filipinos stupid. In a similar post yesterday, Genaro left the comment below.

He is indeed famous now who made a name for himself in less than 24 hours.

Note: Some comments were too offensive to be included. 

Filipino teachers are worth more

Once again I am reminded that some of my fellow countrymen are getting a salary so low they barely have enough money to make ends meet. But don't get me wrong here if I tell you that it frustrates me knowing that other qualified Filipino teachers with experience and having related documents are accepting underpaid teaching stints across the country. 

Some say the schools doesn't have allocated budget for foreigners, hence, low salary. Then there are people who said they've been here quite long but unlucky to get decent jobs so they just grab whatever is available, disregarding the salary. 

These are just some of the reasons our countrymen have that cloud my mind. They make me feel what they feel and make me see what they see. Honestly, I hate it sometimes when empathy continues to play with me and shows no signs of stopping. The thing is, when it hits me, I let myself be drifted away in oblivion - blocking my reasoning and just go on with the flow.

But something woke me up. Let me share to you a post written by Pinoyguy at ajarn.com saying, Pinoy teachers are worth more. 

Dear Ajarn, whenever I browse through your jobs page for the latest ads from various schools or agencies here in Thailand, I shake my head in disappointment with every ad that shows a salary of 15,000 baht for Filipino teachers.

I am a Filipino teacher too, I have been teaching in Thailand for more than 5 years now, and it seems that the salary price tag for my fellow countrymen, assumed by many employers or schools, seems very degrading to me. I even heard that some Filipino teachers in Bangkok area even go as low as 10k. That price seem very unfair especially for a location with a higher cost of living.

Luckily I have been hired by a school that pays me fair enough for me to live a life of luxury, security and peace of mind. But then I remind myself that there some who are unlucky and take up these low paying jobs just to stay in the country.

I mean, I understand your predicament, but to my fellow Filipinos, if we continue to take on these jobs with low salaries, without even bothering to haggle for an increase, we are making the Filipino teacher's value in this country lower. We do our best to be productive and work hard, even harder than native speakers (we go the extra mile at work like come in on weekends or go unpaid overtime without complaints, than any other foreign teacher nationality). We easily blend in with Thai culture than westerners, and understand Thai people better because of cultural and regional similarities. Yet salaries for Filipinos are being priced like unsold perishable items on sale in Tesco.

Yes, maybe because there are too many Filipinos in the country so therefore the supply is more than the demand. But then again 15k baht or below is an insult to many of us hardworking Filipinos. We deserve better. 

I write this letter in angst because one of these days, if I need to find a new teaching job in Thailand, most employers would not pay for an above or near equal rate from what I am currently earning. They will not consider my experiences, nor my accomplishments. They will just see another Filipino, worth 15,000 baht. How about a Caucasian? 30k or more.


I am reminded that at the end of the day, if we continue to be quiet and won't sell ourselves correctly, we are so going down. Don't let yourselves be torn apart just to survive. I know my worth. It is high time you should know yours too. 

School Director Does More Than Just Managing Her School; She Also Directs Traffic

The director of Pratuangthip Wittaya School in Bangkok's Sai Mai district got herself on TV after a video of her directing traffic outside her school went viral. Her 1.39 minute clip was featured on Channel 3's morning news show.

Saree Suphan, 62, has been directing traffic for two years, with hopes of easing the flow of traffic in her area. She also wants people living in the same community to foster a sense of responsibility.

People who saw the video reacted positively and were impressed with the way she handled her work.

Saree Suphan, director of Pratuangthip Wittaya School in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, blows a whistle while directing traffic outside her school. (Photo by Apichit Jinakul) 

But the teacher who also acts as a traffic policewoman every afternoon was quick to give a modest reply.

"I don't want fame," she said. "I've been directing traffic for two years and never thought that someone would see me, record it and post it online.

"I want those who have seen my video clip to have a social conscience and volunteer to work in the communities where they grew up or live."

Saree also gives respect back to the motorist by giving them a wai and bowing her head as a signal that students are about to cross.

She never had any proper training and only learned the hand signals needed by doing some reading and watching traffic police do their job.

The school director directs traffic every weekday afternoon between 4 pm and 4:50 pm.

The Honest Politician Is Slowly Making Waves

A politician with an honest banner that says, "I'll do do my best but I can't promise anything," got the interest of ajarn.com and posted the said photo on their Facebook page.

I did some digging and found out that some people already wrote articles regarding his "honesty" as an aspiring public servant. 

Finally a truthful politician. Jun-jun Sotto, you’ve got my vote, weknowmemes.com said.

John Rentoul of blog.independent.co.uk said, Jun-Jun Sotto is a Filipino politician who understands expectations management.

And of course from ajarn.com - At last, an honest politician. Why can't they all be like this?

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find whether he won the election and what particular post did he run for. 

If he won, I wish he did exactly what he told the people. As for the rest out there, I wish they'll learn the value of honesty and trust. May they also learn to walk their talk which, in all honesty, is no longer of concern to them as long as they got what they want.