Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Thailand Flood Destruction

Bangkok Post
The flooded areas in the north and the south of Thailand sent shock waves to the world. These very alarming floods continue to destroy properties of more than a million residents with the increasing lives of people being taken as well.

One of the badly affected areas is the Bang Rakam Districk in Phitsanulok. In that area alone are 34,000 householders who are suffering from the devastation of the flood, not to mention the three people who were killed.

As the government sees the worsening case of the badly affected provinces, "Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has backed a "Bang Rakam model" for faster responses and better solutions to flood disasters nationwide.

Under the model, a call centre will be set up at Bang Rakam district office.
It will act as a one-stop service centre providing flood victims with help ranging from receiving complaints and keeping residents updated on flood situations to making sure officials are equipped with enough cars and boats to carry out efficient disaster response operations.
The idea, Ms Yingluck said, is to "centralise decisions" on tackling flood problems."
(Italicized words were quoted from BKK Post).

I wish that LUCK will get along with the plans of the PM, and of the government.

Bangkok Post 

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