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Filipino Teachers Filed Lawsuit againts Koreatown Firm

More and more Filipinos are leaving the country to seek better life and greener pastures abroad. While most believe this is their fastest ticket to riches, not all stories are success and happiness. There are several horrible stories of people who were duped by their recruiters.

Employees are asked by their recruiters to pay for fees which suppose to be paid by the companies where they will be working. Others are promised of jobs which don't exist and and are asked for fees in order for papers to be processed and to secure the bogus jobs being offered. Once the money is sent, these crocs run away! 
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These types of scams are not new. They've been running for years and they are sometimes difficult to track down. We just have to be very careful in dealing with them and we need to verify the authenticity of the jobs that they offer. POEA is a good avenue in verifying recruiters and their listed jobs. It may save us trouble if detected early.

Here's a story of Pinoy teachers in the US who filed a lawsuit against a placement firm who asked for too much fees.

May the truth be told!



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October 30, 2011 at 10:09 PM delete

This scam is not new but still many Filipinos are victimized. Very sad. I have a relative who lost her 6-digit money because the promised job looked so authentic. As people are made more aware and wiser, those "crocs" are also getting better and more clever on this :( BUT they will not go unpunished. God's justice will see them through.

November 1, 2011 at 9:06 AM delete

True. They may escape their commited crimes in the eyes of men but never will in the eyes of GOD.

Shame on these low-life crocs!


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