Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Facebook Mobile Phone - Soon!

Millions of people are into this "Facebook craze" thing these past few years. It is therefore safe to say that it is impossible in this era not to know about Facebook. Stories were told how their long lost friends and loved ones were found, how horrible their bosses were (thus losing their jobs), and how liars and deceitful people taking advantage of others as they lurk behind the shadow of the world's largest social networking site.

No matter how horrible stories of others were, people are still into it. This is the trend and I don't see the decline of its popularity any time soon. In fact, compared to other networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook is still the one-stop-site for staying in touch with family and friends. Thus, before the end of this year, Facebook could launch its own mobile phone according to a New Your Times article published on Sunday, May 27. Reports suggests that it asked the help of the software and hardware engineers who were behind the iphone and ipad.

When contacted by the paper, the company of Mark Zuckerberg, one of the world's billionaire, neither denied nor confirmed the rumor. 


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Woah, if this is true, that would be awesome! :)


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