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TATAK PINOY - The 114th Philippine Independence

June 9th marked the day the Filipino Council of Phitsanulok, Thailand (P'lok Pinoyz) commemorated for the second time the "Philippine Independence" with the theme "TATAK PINOY - The 114th Commemoration of the Philippine Independence."

P'lok Pinoy'z President Ms. Leah Doysabas gave her welcome remarks and talked about the Philippines under the Spanish rule for more than three hundred years, while fought its way to gain independence in 1898 in Kawit, Cavite. She also added that just like the Philippines, we as individuals have our own struggles or problems that we must brave. Otherwise, it will hold us captives, hinder us to make a name for ourselves and will limit us for the great things we can possibly do. 
After the president's inspiring speech, everyone was jolted by the members who performed songs of the world-renowned stage performer Leah Salonga, traditional dances like Carinosa and the "Tara na Biyahe Tayo" dancers, the harana, the cebuano songs, the bone-breaking moves of the modern dancers, and the Filipino kids who stepped into the groove especially the Naranjo kids who prayed and asked for our Lord's guidance as He continue to bless us.
Last year's event showcased each region's unique foods, culture and tradition. This year however showcased the talents the Filipino people have as we continue to make names in different fields such as sports, entertainment, beauty, etc.With over 100 people in attendance at Ruean Phae Royal Park Hotel including members from neighbouring provinces, the night was indeed a blast of fun, food, and flair.

*In behalf of Nanay Erlinda, I would like to thank those people who gave their wishes and presents for us as we celebrated our birthday. 

*Special thanks goes to the officers and of course Sir Enzo of Enzo's Point for organizing the said event. Kudos!

*And to everyone, thank you so much. Your presence and for just simply being there means a lot to us.

We rock! Mabuhay P'lok Pinoyz!

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