Friday, July 20, 2012


Thai movie star Ananda for Cinemalaya 2012

Laotian-Australian actor and one of Thailand's current bankable star visited the Philippines. Ananda Everingham, the name in the 2004 horror movie "Shutter", talks about his experience whilst working with Adolfo Alix Jr. in the latter's latest indie film, "Kalayaan".

It was reported that he was amazed because Filipinos stay for 16 or 18 hours during the filming. Ananda stayed in Palawan for 10 days after leaving Thailand to finish the film. 

“I had a great time. It’s a beautiful place,” he said. 

Ananda is not a first timer in the country. His first visit was in 2010 when he was  promoting "Red Eagle", a Thai superhero film. It was however his first time to shoot and make a movie with Filipinos.

In the movie "Kalayaan," Ananda will play Julian, a soldier stationed for three months in Spratly's Kota Island. His service was extended though until further notice.

Other notable Pinoy actors included in the film are Zanjo Marudo and Luis Alandy, who will also play as soldiers.

On July 24, Ananda will be back in Manila for the gala premier  of "Kalayaan" at the CCP Main Theater.

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