Thursday, September 13, 2012


Coachman returned pouch with huge amount to foreign passenger

We are tired of bad news being sensationalized more by the media. These people sometimes add fuel to the fire and ignore the feelings of those involved just to make good ratings and stuff. So why not give credit as well to those who made and still making a difference or two to other peoples' lives?

Meet Mr. Jaime Mayor, a 48-year old father of four whose ages range from 18-27, and a coachman of the touristy spot Luneta. Who is he apart from those being said about him? Well, he is just an absolute evidence that honesty still exist today despite the fact that we live in the  world of harshness and difficulties.

"What has he done?" I heard you asked. He simply returned a pouch that contained roughly €4,000 (over P200,000) to his French passenger. Mayor said he saw a pouch on his coach, opened it and saw the money inside. He saw  his last passenger  who was about to take a different vehicle so he ran after the tourist and gave back the pouch. The tourist hugged him and thanked him for what he has done.

"I can't bear taking someone else's property. It's okay if I earn little, I was able to send my children to school", ABS-CBN quoted him saying. 

The honest coachman who is earning P200-P500 a day will get citations from the National Park Development Committee as "Dangal ng Rizal Park Award", it added.

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