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Jogging can make someone smarter

I used to be fit, strong, and had a very good resistant to fatigue when I was a schoolboy competing in national level games in the Philippines. However the sheer delight of earning money from work which made me extend my shift to earn more when I started working as a contact center rep a few years ago, and the alluring feeling of playing games online and blogging here in Thailand, left me in forgetting my usual exercise that basically a great help in keeping myself fit. Fats are covering my entire body now and I feel some sort of tediousness even doing a light work.

The story of my colleague Lloyd who gives time for a jog everyday makes me envy him. I know jogging and some other form of exercise help burn fats and reduce the risk of illnesses such as hypertension and heart problems. I didn't know though that half an hour of jogging a day may make someone smarter by boosting energy levels in the brain.

Researchers from the University of South Carolina disclosed that regular gym session like treadmill boost cells in the brain that make them work faster and more efficiently. It also reduces mental fatigue, sharpen our thinking and makes the brain younger. 

I guess it's time for my brain to feel those positive vibes. Let's gear up and jog.


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Lee Li
October 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM delete

Added to a regular exercise if checking our diet. Your article focused on reducing or probably elimination excess fat in our body but it is also important to regulate the amount of sugar and carbohydrates we take. Excess sugar in food are the main cause of developing fats in our body. I was very shocked to see that Filipino diets are more on menus full of sugar and starches such as pastas, cakes, soda and etc.


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