Monday, October 1, 2012


Earn extra selling your lesson plans

If you're a teacher wanting to earn more on top of your salary you may want to consider selling your lesson plans online. How? Upload your lesson plans at, an online marketplace that allows other teachers to get your lessons not for free but with a fee.

Not inspired yet? Meet Deanna Jump, a 43 year-old kindergarten teacher who earns less than $30,000 a year but got the chance of earning $1 million this year. She's the first teacher to earn a million selling her lesson plans that primarily focused in teaching kindergarteners.

The site currently has 15,000 users who upload their plans, and about 10,000 of those sell theirs online. Aside from Jump, two teachers sold more than $300,000 while others sold around $100,000.

How did Jump earn a million while others earned less than hers?

"They're well-designed. They are packed with highly creative, well thought out, effective activities for five year olds," says Paul Edelman, TPT founder. "And, she's a great and savvy self-promoter and marketer of her materials."

How's that for an inspiration? I wish I am a good lesson plan maker myself.

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