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14 year-old girl running a prostitution den in Samut Prakan

While I was engrossed in reading the news from the Bangkok Post, I saw a link on the top right side of the page about a 14 year-old girl running a prostitution ring in Samut Prakan Province. 

She was arrested by the authorities when the undercover agents attempted to solicit sex from her. She tried charging them 2,000 baht each for minors, one 14 and the other 16. She confessed to the police that she normally received 500 baht for each of the girls she set up with customers. 
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She was arrested because she was a minor. Had she been labelled adult, like 18 years old and up, she wouldn't suffer that fate, I thought.

I searched the internet to verify if prostitution here is legal just like what most  foreign people I've talked to told me. I found out, though illegal since 1960, prostitution isn't strictly enforced. That's probably why Pattaya and the entertainment district of Patpong in Bangkok during the night are places where this type of stuff happens in great numbers, and possibly with minors.

Having said that, I really feel sorry for the kid and to all those people doing similar business. Are they really in deep predicament that there's no other way for them but to bite the bullet? Just a thought!


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November 13, 2012 at 12:02 PM delete

The thing is...this "thing" is not considered a bullet here. It's a way of life... :)

November 13, 2012 at 12:14 PM delete

It might be a way of life for some but I still believe it's a "heck no" for others.


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