Saturday, December 1, 2012


Azkals to the 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup Semi Finals

What can I say? Seems like the "See you at the semis Azkals" really happened huh? 

Congratulations Azkals for thumping Myanmar last night with a 2-0 score especially to Phil, who pressured Myanmar by charging and making a goal in the 46th minute. And to Angel, who secured the slot for the semis and putting the outcome beyond doubt.

Myanmar tried desperately to make goals or at least get even perhaps but luck wasn't on their side. Their passage to the semis was locked by the great defence of Philippine keeper Sacapano, together with Gier, Guirado, De Murga and Cagara.

The Philippines got the second place in Group B with six points and two wins. And this time, we have a home match scheduled on December 8 at the Rizal Stadium. Unlike two years ago when Azkals played twice in the semis before a rowdy crowd of Indonesians in Jakarta.

Way to go Azkals. Break a leg once more in the semis.

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