Sunday, June 30, 2013


A thing of the past (English Major 2006)

That's me - top right
When I was little I enjoyed browsing my neighbors' yearbooks. Seeing them transformed into beautiful creatures after a few or so years made my heart shout with gladness - really. Don't get me wrong here but I'm pretty sure you already knew what's coming. Lol.

After seven years of agonizing wait - finally our yearbook is out! A good friend which I will hide in the name of Johanna Marie Blas Mendoza, tagged me on facebook of the page where my picture was attached. Despite the fact that I have a copy of the pic posted on the wall at home in Antipolo that I always see whenever I'm there, I still can't help but smile how I look like days before I graduated from college. I was thin, too dark, and with somewhat long hair parted in the middle.

I was hesitant of making a post about this at first. Not that I didn't enjoy college - but more so, scared of the comments I'll be getting (if there At the end of the day anyway, this pic brought good memories as well. 

Without this pic, you guys won't have an object of ridicule. LOL!

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