Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Sex-to-fly scandal involving labor officials
I immediately transformed having a normal blood pressure to the one you don't wanna mess with after knowing about labor officials allegedly involve in "sex-to-fly" scandal in Kuwait, Syria, and other parts of the Middle East. Report says that labor and other government officials forced distressed Filipina overseas workers to have sex with them in exchange to be repatriated back to the Philippines, and/or involved them in prostitution.


First thing first... These Filipinas are in dire need of your help and taking advantage of their emotional instability is just downright distasteful. It's sad that some people with power, instead of using it to do good to others, abuse and overuse it. 

If proven, these predators, as what Akbayan Rep. Walden  Bello termed them, should be put to jail and stripped off their power. 

"The worst crime is the one committed by Filipinos on fellow Filipinos," Bello said. And I couldn't agree more with his statement.

Wishing no whitewashing will transpire.

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