Thursday, September 26, 2013


Man's nose grows on his forehead

This man from China (right) suffered severely in a car accident. His nose was damaged and the infection had eaten away at the cartilage in his nose. 

Fixing his original nose according to doctors is next to impossible, so the team decided to grow a new nose. Yeah, I get it. Doctors have reasons for the nose to grow. But why on the forehead? Can that be grown in a place with less exposure like legs or tummy for instance?

I don't know what to add or say more. Even if I have words to say, I can't put them into writing. Everything seems to be pulling back. How can I make a post from something I can't even believe? 

For me, this is surrealism in its highest degree. But for the doctors, it's just a normal reconstruction technique. Hwhaaat?

Read full story HERE.

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