Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Teacher agency curse in Thailand has struck again...and again

Remember the post I published about the curse of teacher agency in Thailand a few days ago? If not then check the link below.

Less than two weeks when the article was published and yet we've already got a similar story to tell. Yeah, that fast!

One of the members of Pinoy in Thailand, a Filipino group on facebook, posted about the agency in Bangkok called Providence. This agency according to her, offers high salary for their prospective teachers. But when payday comes they ask their teachers to hand over reports and requirements. When you're done with all the documents asked (I'm assuming those weren't required or even listed on the contract ) they will ask for other stuff to be handed.

In short, they delay paying their teachers.

This agency is being managed by a Jamaican guy named Charley and a Thai lady called Madame Paree. I'm giving this agency a benefit of a doubt. But if this thing happens to be true applicants should avoid them. Don't let yourselves willing victims. Let the zero application be a lesson for them. No teacher, no commission. Better yet, report them to authorities.

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