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Taxi Drivers Use Chemical In Looting Passengers

The new "modus" of taxi drivers in the Philippines about the chemical they put in front of the A/C is now here in Thailand. Once the passenger passed out, the driver will loot whatever there is to loot.

It was all over Facebook these past few days. In fact, there was an instant when a female passenger was almost became a victim. According to her the driver was wearing a mask and did put some sort of a towel in the A/C. But thanks to the post on Facebook. She was able to get out of the taxi before she passed out. 

According to the news, drivers normally target female passengers.

And here's the article straight from Pattaya Daily News.

BANGKOK – November 1, 2013 [PDN]; The FDA has warned both Thai citizens and foreigners that they should be cautious of an activity that has been going on for quite some time now. But the rate of this activity has increasingly risen, making the FDA decide to warn tourists and Thais.

This activity is when the taxi driver puts a chemical in to A/C system that will make you go unconscious , after that the culprit will plunder your bags and pockets.

The chemicals used that are being used by the taxi drivers hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it was suspected that Chloroform was being used.

FDA officials suggested that if you suddenly feel nauseous while using the services of a taxi cab, you should roll down the taxi’s windows.


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Lee Li
November 4, 2013 at 8:32 AM delete

Moreover, if you see the chauffeur is wearing a mask don't ever attempt to ride his taxi.

During the ride, if you feel nauseous, roll down the windows then tell the driver to stop and immediately get out.

Some taxi has autolock that only the driver has access on rolling down the windows.

November 4, 2013 at 11:17 AM delete

Exactly Lee Li. Thanks for dropping by.


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