Friday, January 10, 2014


American man tried to sneak a Thai woman inside a suitcase into U.S. at Arizona border

A 56-year-old American man from Phoenix, Arizona was turned over to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement after his suitcase was routinely checked by the customs official and found a 48-year-old Thai woman hidden under the pile of clothes.

According to officials at the US-Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona where the incident took place, the Thai woman curled up inside a suitcase in a sport-utility vehicle.

"Rarely do we see something like this. You can imagine the (border) officers' surprise when they came upon this woman crammed inside a suitcase, but there she was," said Edith Serrano, spokeswoman for US Customs and Border Protection.

Both the American man and the Thai woman are now being investigated.

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