Thursday, February 27, 2014


Fix your GRAMMAR!

With all its rules and its complexity, grammar is by far my most hated English subject. Back in university I was struggling to get good grades in English especially in grammar. But no matter how hard I read and how I tried to understand the basics to at least be removed on the "weakest link" list, things didn't go as planned. I was confused, swallowed and trapped in the quagmire of its difficulty.

Now that I'm teaching English, I still consider myself a not so good one in grammar. But I'm personally giving myself a credit for being able to understand the rules in one single reading - or perhaps two. Fine, make it three. Isn't that an improvement still?

Some of us are good while others aren't that good at it. However, it would be better if we can pay more attention to the things we write on our wall. The video below can be a great help. Seriously!

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