Monday, March 17, 2014


Desperately Seeking - Bangkok (DSBKK) member needs our help

Desperately Seeking - Bangkok (DSBKK) is a Facebook group I'm a member of. I find the group very friendly to all its members, informative and supportive to those looking for a job.

From time to time however posts not related to job-searching are being added. Last night just before I had the angels on my pillows, I came across a similar post and thought of sharing it. One in particular was the one below. 


I´m looking for my brother CYRILLE MARCHAND (36 years old). He got robbed in Bangkok one week ago, don´t have a return ticket, a visa and money. and can be vulnerable person in the jungle of BANGKOK.We don´t have news from him. If you have contact or network in Bangkok, can you spread this picture.
His family is looking after him. contact: or 0045 50 25 84 80. PLEASE SHARE

Je suis à la recherche de mon frère CYRILLE MARCHAND ( 36 ans).
Il s´est fait volé son argent à Bangkok et nous n´avons plus de nouvelles de lui depuis une semaine. Il n´a pas de billet retour, ni de visa, ni d´argent. Il peut être une personne vulnérable dans la jungle de BANGKOK.nous n´avons pas de nouvelles de lui. Merci de partager cette photo à vos contacts ou réseaux sur Bangkok. Sa famille le recherche. contact: ou 00 45 50 25 84 80. MERCI DE PARTAGER CETTE INFO

We can be of help. Share and let others be informed. They might know something about this guy. 

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