Friday, August 8, 2014


The Weirdest Name In Thai - Heangjobshappy Makelifebetter

This is the ID card of 29-year-old Heangjobshappy Makelifebetter being circulated online. Yes, that is correct and there was no typo error made. He rose to stardom and became an internet sensation when he was arrested four days after he got his new name for allegedly stealing an Iphone 5s.

His name in Thai is เฮงจ๊อบส์แฮบปี้ไลฟ์ เมคไลฟ์เบสเทอร์, which is pronounced in English as “Heangjobshappy Makelifebetter”. เฮง (Heang) is the only Thai word used in his name, and means luck or lucky. 
It is considered to be the weirdest Thai name ever in the Kingdom. Many people doubted the authenticity of the name and thought the image was photoshopped.

Although his last name didn't match the record of Surin’s Civil Registration Office, the name Heangjobshappy appeared to be correct.

His birth name was San Sroi-soongnoen.

He was clean and didn't have any criminal record not until the moment he decided to get someone's phone. He is now being detained at the provincial central prison.

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