Friday, September 19, 2014


Education Is My Life

Teachers are the ones students consider their second parents/guardians upon leaving home. I remember most of my teachers including the one at kindergarten. She migrated together with her family in the US before I finished 6th grade. Although we don't talk or exchange messages, we didn't forget each other. I still remember her, she still remembers me. I am who I am today because of them. They are the feathers on both sides of my wings.

Their job is more than just teaching the subjects required and managing big number of students in the class. They stay up late and endure lack of sleep as they continue checking the students' papers and exams. The next morning, you won't see any trace of suffering on their faces as if the night before was amazing. In a way, we say they are good actors. 

They think of ways as to how they're going to make rowdy students listen and stay focus. How to develop confidence to the ones hiding at the back. And how to make each lesson interesting and fun. It's a pity they're not being compensated like the other high paying jobs such as doctors, engineers, etc. Their job somehow is comparable to those professions mentioned above.

In terms of salaries, they are being looked down. Therefore, it is not so surprising anymore that they have more debts than savings. That explains why you and I are here in Thailand.

Just like most people education was never my choice and was never on the list when I went to college. Who would want to study education and be a teacher handling difficult students in the future, and yet receive low salary? If you take education, you are so out of your mind!

Although I wanted to have a high paying job like an engineer in the past, I ended up studying education. Other than the fact that education is only a 4-year course and not 5 like engineering or architecture (it saved me one more year of tuition and other fees), my friends who took up engineering for one semester encouraged me to join them at the college of education so we can be a force to be reckoned with during sports. Back in high school, I was the captain of the volleyball team. Also, they mentioned about numbers and a lot of computation exercises in engineering. So, all courses with math as the main focus were all deleted in my system.

In short, I was swayed by their words. I registered and took the faculty exam. I passed and started my life as a future educator. Nothing so special during my first year. The only thing I enjoyed was playing games here and there. 

But things changed suddenly. During my out-campus training, I slowly developed a liking for teaching. My students would soon send me notes and letters saying they were happy I was their teacher. They said I inspired them. 

I made several excuses to the varsity team so I could spend more time with my students and prepare interactive lessons. This move resulted to me heating my butt on the bench, removing me from the list of first six players. It didn't hurt me. I moved on.

Looking back 8 years ago, the year I graduated from college, I can't help but smile. The profession I didn't like and never dreamed of having is one of the very things that completes my life. Calling teaching a "job" doesn't sound fair to me. Calling it "life" sounds pretty awesome though.

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