Friday, September 5, 2014


Thai Lady With Big Hands Will Be Featured On A Global TV Show

This is Duangjai Samaksamarn, a 58-year old native of Surin province who is suffering from a rare form of macrodystrophia lipomatosa, a gigantism disorder that typically results in one or two abnormally large fingers. In her case, one of just seven known to doctors, it swelled her both arms from the shoulders down. 

Duangjai is having difficulty dressing herself, eat, or do anything that involves using her hands. Having a right arm that weighs 13 kilograms and the left weighing 10 is everyone's nightmare. She's been suffering for too long. She lives a solitary life, never went to school and never walk down the aisle.

"Both arms are so heavy and painful. It really hurts when I stand and work. I must sit down and place my hands on a table to regain my strength," Ms Duangjai said.

She had several operations in the past, but nothing proved effective. She visited different hospitals, but none made her feel better. The fibrous tissues that were sucked out of her hands came back.

On September 25th the world will see and know Duangjai, who, for the last 20 years, remained hidden from the world. She'll be featured on Body Bizarre, a globally syndicated television show from American network The Learning Channel. TLC's early media previews of the show already have put her face - and giant arms - in newspapers around the world.

Some say it's curable, some say it's not. But Duangjai has high hopes that she will see the world and do things normally like other people do. 

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