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Man has his PENIS cut off by angry mob after attempting to rape a teenage girl

I thought of making this blog dedicated to stories related to teaching, travels and information about Thailand. Keeping it as a "blog" without stories I have no knowledge about. Simply put, no post about news or anything similar. With that, people will distinguish me as a blogger and not a writer. Well, I clearly don't profess as the latter.

However, I can't keep myself from ignoring the video below. It's like someone is telling me to create a post about it - to let people know especially the rapists and those thinking of becoming one the repercussions of their actions.

Although it's no longer new to us that India has so many reported and non-reported cases of rape, this one is kind of new though. 

The incident happened in Ganganagar, India. The man, identified as 40 year-old Suresh Kumar, woke from his nightmare when an angry mob cut off his precious genitals after attempting to rape a teen girl. 

Local people heard the scream of a girl begging for help. They searched where the sound was coming from, and saw Kumar trying to abuse the girl. The furious mob took him to a butcher's shop, beat him with sticks for an hour, and later castrated him. 

People expressed that the man suffered less of what he was supposed to get, claiming that this kind of crime is the worst crime against humanity.

The girl is safe and is being counseled at the hospital. 


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