Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Horror Film "Tragic Theater's" was banned by MTRCB because of its too scary content

Horror movies are made to, well, scare moviegoers. That's the main purpose of the director, producer and others involved in a particular movie apart from ticket sales, of course.

If you're a moviegoer you'll be spending your money to something you are expecting to see. Is there a logic of watching a horror film so as to laugh, cry or do some action stunts whilst holding a fake gun an hour or two after watching it? That's laughably ridiculous!

But check this out...

MTRCB  was reportedly banned the trailer of the latest horror film "Tragic Theater" starring Andi Eigenmann, Christopher de Leon and John Estrada. The reason - Too scary!

The movie got an X-rating twice from MTRCB because of its content.

“Horror film ito kaya dapat scary, hindi ba? (This is horror film so it should be scary, isn't it?), said Tragic Theater director Tikoy Aguiluz.

The film was based G.M Coronel's novel about a group of spirit communicators who made an effort in 1999 to exorcise the ghosts of laborers who had been reportedly buried alive in the bowels of the Manila Film Center during its construction in 1981.

I wonder if they're also going to ban a comedy film because it's too funny...smirk.

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