Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Visa runs made easy with AEC Educational Services Co. Ltd

Filipino tourists in Thailand are given a 30-day stamp on their passport upon arrival. Those who wish to continue their stay in the Kingdom after 30 days have to go to neighboring Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Malaysia to get another two or sometimes four-month tourist visa - depending whether it is a single or a double entry visa. I could be wrong since the Thai immigration normally change their rules every other day. LoL. 

I am speaking how things were seven years ago when I first landed in Bangkok and later extended my stay and procured a non immigrant B visa in Laos. There might be some big changes now but I'm sure the concept is just the same.

So, if you wish to extend your stay, say for instance in Laos or Cambodia, there are two ways to do that. The first one is to travel on your own which could be fun if you're into a more adventure like trip albeit with lots of rides along the way (changing buses or vans). Or partner with an agency that will help you have a nice and comfy ride without the need to change your transportation. Either way you'll still have to endure longs hours on the road but with a guaranteed number of stay again when you come back. 

There are already agencies that operate for quite some time. However, if you're thinking of doing your visa run with an agency, I personally recommend AEC Educational Services Co. Ltd. I haven't tried them yet but I heard good stories from people who already used their services. Apart from that there is also this guy named Jezreel, a Filipino whom you can ask about your status. And of course, they have a Thai lawyer that will assist you in your trip. That's the plus factor I'm sure everyone will agree.

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