Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Where to claim the 500 pesos terminal fee before you return to your work?

Manila, Philippines - The terminal fee refund of 500 pesos for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) took the social media by storm last year. Netizens were among the first to say that OFWs should get their refund.

By law, OFWs are exempted in paying the terminal fee. That said, it is their right to get it back.

So if you are vacationing in the Philippines and would like to have your terminal fee reimbursed, you can do so by visiting this room just before you go to your respective boarding gates on the date of your travel.

Considering the million OFWs visiting their families in the Philippines, some are reluctant in getting in the queue. Why would they waste a few minutes of their remaining time with their families for just 500 pesos, anyway? But others would certainly don't mind queuing. After all, it's better to get what's yours than let the crocs feast on the unclaimed fees.

Thanks to Ms. Sally Rose Arradaza Tardaguela for uploading this photo on Facebook.

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