Thursday, January 7, 2016


Kids' Dream Jobs: Doctor, "Youtuber," Starbucks Barista

Thailand will celebrate Children's Day on Saturday. That said, Adecco Thailand, a human resource solution company, decided to gather information as to what children would like to be when they grow up.

Most of the little ones chose to be doctor, athlete, chef, engineer and teacher. These are the top five occupations little Somsak and little Somying would like to be.

Some kids also dreamed of becoming a "Youtuber" and a Starbucks barista. 

When asked why most chose to be a doctor, helping people; treating their family; and getting rich are the reasons why. Yes, most of them wanted to be rich!

I wonder how much a barista is being paid. Perhaps not much. But if you're a Youtuber who reviews products online with huge followers, you could also make a lot of money. 

Photo: Jetjaras Na Ranong

The survey was completed by 1,546 Thai children, aged between 7 and 14.

Some of them wish to get THB50,000 to THB1 million a month. Hmm, that will be tough judging from the current salary a uni grad gets. I think they get about THB15,000 for a start. But of course, there were some who said that doing good things to people count the most. How charming!

When asked who their idol is, mommy and daddy were the favorite. They also like their family doctor, Lionel Messi, actress Yaya Urassaya, and, well, General Prayuth. Cool, eh?

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