Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Cold Snap Out, Warm Weather In

People are posting images of weather temperatures on social media for days now; delighted that winter can finally be felt. But don't get too relaxed with your jackets and scarves. On Friday this week, warm weather will say its "Hello" again.

Tourists taking photos of cherry blossom in Nakon Thai, Phitsanulok
Thai PBS reported that the sharp drop in mercury due to the cold high pressure from China, will soon kiss upper and central provinces of Thailand goodbye.

Bangkok will have temperatures around 25-26 degrees Celsius, the Hydro-Agro Informatics Institute said yesterday.

If this doesn't sound good to you as you've been accustomed wearing thick clothes, then I advise you to keep them where they can easily be grabbed when...

There will be another cool spell at the end of this month when another cold pressure system brings cooler weather for a couple of days starting this Sunday. If you're in Bangkok expect a temperature around 20 degrees Celsius.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok, Thai PBS, Hydro-Agro Informatics Institute

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