Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Winter's Not Over Yet: Cool weather coming to Bangkok this weekend

If the north is experiencing a blistering temperature this time of the year albeit not yet in the summer months, I have a feeling Bangkok is experiencing just the same, if not worse. But Bangkokians will probably rejoice as cool weather is expected to come to the capital this weekend.

In a report from Thai PBS, the temperature in the upper part of Thailand will drop by 3-6 degrees Celsius this weekend due to a strong cold spell from China.

The cold spell will cross over tonight until Saturday.

According to Thai Meteorological Department, minimum temperatures will be around 21-23 degrees Celsius, to a maximum temperatures of 32-33 degrees Celsius.

The temperatures in the North, East and Central parts of the Kingdom are expected to drop by 3-6 degrees, while a drop of 4-8 degrees is expected in the Northeast.

Bangkok, the North, East and Central regions are also expected to have isolated thundershowers.

The northeast monsoon across the Gulf and the South of Thailand will also pick up in strength, creating high waves of 2-4 metres in the lower Gulf, from southern Chumpn province onwards.

Source: Thai PBS, Coconuts Bangkok

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