Wednesday, July 13, 2016


90-Day Reporting Now Requires Two Forms To Be Filled Out

One of our "kababayan" shared on Facebook his experience when he went to do his 90-day reporting at Big C Imperial this month. 

In his post, Herculean Ekaj wrote that there were two forms given to him; one was the usual TM.47 and another form, a new one called "Foreign National Information Form," where we need to write the name of a local friend or colleague. I'm assuming it is for security purposes in case they'll be needing more information from us. They can contact whomever we write on the form.

He also added not to fill out our bank information as well as our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc, as they are but optional. 

The last time I did my 90-day report was in April, and I'm scheduled to do it again before the end of this month. I'm going to blog about whether I will be asked to fill out two forms.

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Anyhow, thanks for sharing this piece of information, Jake. At least we won't be surprised anymore if we are asked to do it. 

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