Wednesday, August 31, 2016


English Camp: Short Note of Gratitude For The Team

Before the jibber jabber this post will possibly end up to, allow me to say my thanks to Sir Jezreel of Pinoy Thaiyo for inviting me as one of the English camp facilitators in Kanchanaburi last week. 

The camp with students from Kasetsart University Khampaeng Saen was perhaps the most organized camp I've done in my many years in Thailand. Everything just sailed smoothly without much of a problem. Had it not for Dr. Joyce of Chula, Andy, Chris and of course to you, Sir Jez, the outcome might have been different.

Jez, Dr. Joyce, Andy, Chris and myself
I would like to also commend the students of Kasetsart University for being so participative and creative especially when asked to create something from bare materials during the ASEAN Night. The outcome of their work absolutely showed their creativity despite the very limited time and resources.

My eyes were feasting the entire time watching different costumes of each ASEAN country come to life. I enjoyed it so much! Take a look at their work below.

Our accommodation wasn't bad either. The best, in fact! I'm sure the students enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding Aek-Pailin River Kwai Hotel as much as I did. I'll write a dedicated post for this hotel on my other blog called Land Drifter. If you haven't followed that blog yet, please do so. I'd appreciate it so much.

Once again, my gratitude goes out to the team. You guys are awesome! Looking forward for future camps with you again.

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