Friday, January 12, 2018


Minister of Education, OBEC Sec-Gen to observe English For All, Filipino teachers' teaching strategies

"English For All" is going to welcome its most important guest; the Minister of Education himself, Dr. Teerakiat Charoensettasin. He confirmed his presence to visit the project we started in 2014 at Sapansam School.
Left: Former MP for Phitsanulok Dr. Warong and the Filipino teachers | Center: Minister of Education Dr. Teerakiat Charoensettasin | Right: Former Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij
According to Dr. Warong (former MP for Phitsanulok), the story of our project reached the Minister of Education. He told me to prepare myself because the Minister would like to see what this project really is and observe the teaching strategies of the Filipino teachers under the project. 

This is going to be the turning point of our project. If things will work out on our favor, this could be implemented across the country this year. I hope. If not, then I guess that's the way it is. Some things will move forward, some things wont. 

Also, I'm nervous because I will be speaking in front of the Minister of Education and the Secretary-General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) the things I encountered during the onset of the project, the feedback from parents, and the recruitment of teachers. Scary!

The clock is ticking. And as night and day continue to exchange pleasantries with each other, so as the pressure in me.

Good luck to us.

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